May 26, 2018

Happy 50th Anniversary ABLE

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I remember my four years at Knox College and the role ABLE played in helping to shape my life. The meetings at the old ABLE house, painting the the Black Flag on the basement wall. The plays and poetry readings, family picnics, the meetings with the professors and administrators and most important to me were the friendships and relationships that grew out of our small band of brothers and sisters who learned to love and cherish each other. See you in October. Richard (Rick) E. Williams, Jr., Class of '73. The struggle continues. Continue to press for the mark.

Esther Wilson
May 26, 2018

Hey, Rick! I can’t wait to meet! Leon talks about you a lot! I agree the friendships i formed on campus remain a highlight of my time at Knox!

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  • Leon R.
    Mar 22

    I was really happy to see the original ABLE Crew I Love so much; including Jeanne Franks, Brenda Butler, Rick Williams and Alfreda Williams. Most happy to see Gus though!
  • Debra Banks
    Nov 2, 2018

    Thanks to all the students , alumni and Knox community who supported BAN & ABLE in our 50th Anniversary celebration. We showed up and showed out!
  • Leon R.
    Nov 1, 2018

    I was most joyous to see BIG Brother Gus Scott again; plus Debra Banks, Alfreda Williams; Yvonne Berry and meet some younger ABLE members. Also happy ABLE is still making a difference at Knox College.