ABLE Presidents' Circle

About the Presidents' Circle

The ABLE Presidents' Circle comprises all former ABLE presidents. We hope to establish this unit during the 50th anniversary of ABLE and continue to operate in upcoming years. The Presidents' Circle is a BAN committee and Arlene Mitchell, '94, is the Chair. 

ABLE 50th Anniversary 

Former presidents are asked to come to homecoming and participate in the commemorative activities for ABLE and other college planned activities. We need you on campus to represent the longevity and power of ABLE on the Knox College campus. For a complete list of activities visit the BAN Homecoming page. 


Presidents' Circle Giving

Our stated goal is to create a fund to be used by current ABLE leadership to enable them to self-fund activities above and beyond what the school provides. We want ABLE members to increase their ability to succeed and thrive on campus in a variety of creative ways.  We want to generate $2,500 in funding by the ABLE Presidents Circle to donate directly to ABLE (not through the college). These funds will be used by ABLE leadership for current students with the guidance of the ABLE faculty adviser.


Below are suggested amounts you can donate to the Presidents' Circle  - please contribute more if you are able! We will announce our final fundraising total at homecoming. Please be sure to make your donation before October 1, 2018! You can donate here


Presidents between 2009 and 2018

Suggested: $25


Presidents between 1999 and 2008

Suggested: $50


Presidents between 1989 and 1998

Suggested: $75

Presidents before 1989 

Suggested: $100

For more information please reach out to the Presidents' Circle Committee Chair, Arlene Mitchell via e-mail