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Knox College Black Alumni Network

The Black Alumni Network positions itself to represent the interest of the Black alumni body by serving as a voice for our group and facilitating engagement with current students, the College, and the Board of Trustees.


Our strategic priorities are below:


  • Cultivate an infrastructure for sustained advocacy and support for current Black students

  • Develop an alumni community that facilitates lifelong engagement with the College

  • Create a culture of philanthropy among the alumni body to ensure that alumni contribute their time, talent, and financial resources to the betterment of the current students and the College

BAN is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.  We are a group for Knox College alumni who want active and focused engagement with the Knox College community. Our purpose is to provide a structured and sustainable alumni organization that works with students and the College's administration and Board of Trustees. We  believe our engagement and activism can have a positive impact on students and the campus environment.


BAN members are alumni who participated in every aspect of Knox College life: ABLE members and non-members, athletes, fraternity and sorority members, student government leaders,  chorus participants, artists, dedicated scholars, and those who did not identify with any organization on campus. Our collective perspectives and voices give definition to BAN and allows BAN to achieve its purpose, mission, and strategic priorities.


Any Knox College alumni can join the network. For more information on BAN, complete a contact form or e-mail us at


Our Mission

The Knox College Black Alumni Network mission is to enhance Black alumni relations with one another, current students, the College, and the Board of Trustees. We seek to build upon our shared Knox experience to foster alumni traditions, serve the diverse needs and interests of current Black students, and curate a culture of philanthropy among the alumni body. Our guiding values are advocacy, service, pride, respect, equality, and commitment.

Strategic Priorities

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