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BAN Alumni Advocacy Committee


Thank you for participating in the BAN Alumni Advocacy Committee. Alumni advocates have a voice that students do not have, and our voices have a power to reach the Knox College Board of Trustees and the Office of the President in ways that students' voices cannot. Our role as advocates for students is to listen to their concerns, identify areas that we can intercede, and be an ambassador  or act as an intercessor.


Interacting with Students

Students submitted requests for alumni advocacy may require additional information. If you reach out to a student, please copy BAN at​.


Interacting with the College

Your opinions as alumni are very important to the college administration. As an advocate, you share with the College your thoughts on incidents reported by students.  Another form of advocacy is to request that a reported incident be investigated, and you can request the outcome of the investigation. The BAN Advocacy Committee can respond to students' concerns by contacting the the Office of the President or the Board of Trustees.


Knox’s history in areas of racial equality includes a college president who was active in the International Anti-Slavery Society during the 1840s, another president who established the first anti-slavery society in Illinois, and Knox College matriculated the first Black person to receive an undergraduate degree in the state of Illinois. Also, our college was the site of the political 1858 Lincoln-Douglass senatorial debate that ultimately impacted the course of the nation. All Knox Alumni are proud of the college’s leadership in advocating and including minorities and women. Alumni advocates can partner with college administration to assist the campus in developing and implementing strategies that can mitigate racial biases and micro aggressions on campus. Our combined efforts can restore the college’s commitment to diversity and equal, fair opportunities for all students and staff.

Knox College Office of the President and Board of Trustees Contact Information


Knox College Board of Trustees

C/o Office of the President

Teresa L. Amott,

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


Knox College

Office of the President

Teresa L. Amott,

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999






Our role as students' advocates is to represent the best interests of students and the campus community. 

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