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Eric Crawford

Creative and Business Focused


Meet Eric B. Crawford Jr. a Knox College Alumni and BAN member. Eric graduated from Knox in 2016 with a degree in Studio Art.


Most of Eric's  time at Knox was spent creating and composing art in an expansive range of media. This included music, graphic designs, drawing, and found object sculpture. For Eric’s graduating project he produced an art show entitled ‘La Futura de las Negro Soul,’ which translates to The Future of The Black Soul. The show displayed  Afro-Futuristic collages and sculptures as well ad other media types that gave insight into the fragmented experience of the Black male psyche spoken about by W.E.B. Dubois, a person that helped inspire Eric’s show

Eric  says he’s always been a mogul on the creation side of things. Often times people wonder how he does it all. Eric attributes his wide range of skills to his Liberal Arts Education. Eric says,

“My liberal arts education I received from Knox gave me the ability to look at problems in business and in life from multiple perspectives. The wide variety of subjects I was exposed to at Knox is the reason I’m able to be successful in so many areas.”

Eric started his own production business entitled Aquinas Visions in 2016. His says that his venture into videography came from recognizing the need for documentation of his own art. Eric started filming video on a Samsung Galaxy 4s  and documenting his own art work and studio sessions making music in the WVKC studios. He shares, “I started editing my studio sessions down to 2min clips and posted them on Facebook. Once I got a response from people saying they liked watching the process I stuck with it.”

LilEric1-5 (1).jpg

Eric eventually honed his skills as an editor, developing his eye for the camera for a good two years. He went on to tell us that everyday was a struggle early on in his video career. Everything was an uphill battle.

“It takes a certain amount of discipline and mental toughness when you start a business venture. A lot of people didn’t see where I was going. I had to take all the punches, bruises, and disappointments in order to make it to a place where I can now say I’m building wealth.”


The biggest highlight of Eric’s career was the opportunity  to work with Under Amour as a social media coordinator and video producer on the Under Armour All-America Tour. The tour consisted of about 55 Schools and 106 of America’s Top High School Football recruits. Under Amour visited each player’s school to presented them with the jersey they will wear in the actual All-America game which is aired on ESPN 2.

As a BAN member Eric has created multiple pieces. Everything from T-Shirts, pins, flyers and videos have been apart of the packages Eric has produced for us. Eric says while he  enjoys making videos he still has a passion for creating physical art as well. He has since taken a a slight break from it but will get back to that side of art very soon. We wish Eric the utmost success in his endeavors. Whatever he wishes to create we are sure he’ll make a it unforgettable.

Eric is still building a name and his brand. If you want to view work from Eric Company visit For Eric’s portfolio visit Also check him out on instagram @Ericts1 and Facebook.

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