Creative Writing 

Community of Practice

The Knox College Creative Writing program ranks well among national programs, and alumni have pursued careers in many different areas. The BAN Community of Practice (CoP) allows for alumni to connect while also forming a resources for current students. Join here!

English Writing Resources

Adam-Learn English Youtube Channel

  • English Lessons: Adam approaches English grammar and sentence structure at it’s basic level. Videos range from novice grammar lessons to advance.

Screenwriting Resources

How to Format a Screenplay

  • Formatting 101: A video that shows what’s the basic structure of a screenplay and the purpose of each element in a script. It teaches the basic writing style of the screenwriting and how it differs from other writing genres.

Screenwriting Resources

How to Build a Screenwriting Career

  • “Mind Your Business: A Hollywood Literary Agent’s Guide to Your Writing Career:” by Michele Wallerstein: An account and guide to understanding how to build a writing career, specifically in the Hollywood industry, but in general has good insights on how to be a business person and self-advocate as well as a writer. Through the authors accounts you’ll understand that learning how to sell yourself as a writer is crucial to building a career if you want to.

Film Critiques and Analysis

Melina Pendulum

  • Melina Pendulum: A black woman film reviewer and pop culture columnist who analyzes fantasy, manga, anime, TV shows, and movies and compares them with social issues.

Screenwriting Resources

Formatting Tips

Film Critiques and Analysis

Trope Talks

  • By Overly Sarcastic Production: A informative Youtube channel that summarizes the conventional and unconventional classics in literature and mythology but explains it in humoring way. 

Screenwriting Resources

Screenwriting Fundamentals

  • “Save the Cat!” By Blake Snyder: A screenwriting book fundamental that introduces and helps readers understand the different types of stories that are told in film and how to outline movies into a common storyteller guide known as the Beat Sheet.