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2017  Activities


February (Date TBD)                 Student midnight finals meal*

April (Date TBD)                        Student cookout*

August (Date TBD)                    Chicago Back to Campus event

October 27-29th                         Knox College Homecoming

December (Date TBD)               Knox College Christmas event

Dates TBD                                 Alumni/student mentoring events


*Alumni sponsored event on the Knox College campus



Past  Events

BAN Conference Call - June 27, 2015

Contact to participate in the call.

100 Black Alumni - Knox College Homecoming

The 2015 Knox College Homecoming is October 16-18, 2015. For more information on the BAN 100 Black Alumni event, visit the Homecoming page.


Visit the college website at for more information on all homecoming activities.



Past Events

BAN Meets with College Board of Trustees - June 2015

BAN is scheduled to meet with the Board during the June Convocation meetings.


Alumni Affairs Event - May 2015

May 2, 2015 BAN members participated in an event on campus that was cooridinated by the Alumni Affairs Office.


Becoming One Community - April 2015

President Teresa Amott and the President's Council  developed a working plan, Becoming One Community, to achieve an inclusive community at Knox. The plan has been developed by the student diversity committee, and the faculty diversity committee. April 8, 2015 Knox College Alumni Office requested alumni feedback on the Becoming One Community document. Feedback was provided by April 15,2015.



BAN Meets with College Board of Trustees - February 21,2015

BAN members meet with the College Board of Trustees to fully engage as Proud Knox College Alumni and create a supportive network for current and future Black Knox students. Black students on the Knox campus comprise 7% the 1,420 student population and are competitive scholars and active in athletics, student government, and a host of other campus activities. Black alumni are very interested in partnering with the college administration and trustees to facilitate needed conversations and the development of measurable objectives that can be accomplished within the near future. We support the students and we look for opportunities to work with the administration towards meaningful cultural advances on the college campus.


BAN encouraged the college consultant, Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen, to reach out to alumna Dr. Nicole Rousseau, class of 1995. Dr. Rousseau is a renowned scholar of structural and institutional roots of race, class, gender and sexuality inequalities. We believe her knowledge of current events on campus combined with her professional experience will provide Dr. Clayton-Pedersen with a valuable resource.

May 2015 Conference Call
JUne 2015 Trustee Meeting
100 Black Alumni
Becoming One Community
February 21 Trustee Meeting
June 27 Conference Call
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