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BAN Student Advocacy

January 2015 more than 20 Black students and faculty reached out to college president to discuss the campus environment. This meeting was preceded by a 2014 Walk Out by students, 2015 Martin Luther King Day Die In, Black Lives Matter demonstration, and numerous interactions with administration about racial disparities and micro-aggressions on campus. During the early months of 2015, Black students reached out to alumni in efforts to inform us of events on campus and to solicit our support. They see a need for alumni to advocate for them and to support their efforts on campus.The BAN Advocacy Program is a direct result of their activism and outreach.


The BAN Student Advocacy program seeks to create and coordinate support for students among alumni, college administration, board of trustees, faculty, staff, and volunteers on a variety of key issues facing current Black students and the Knox College community.   With a minimal time commitment, BAN advocates are ambassadors for current students and contributors to the future of Knox College.



BAN encourages current students to reach out to alumni to discuss their concerns and garner our support around topics and events that effect their college experiences. Students can contact BAN by completing the Advocacy Form. BAN will log and monitor the outcome of every incident submitted by students. We can assure students that incidents in which they request alumni advocacy will become part of the BAN agenda with the Knox College administration.


Alumni Volunteers

BAN encourages alumni to participate in the advocacy program. The responsibilities of BAN advocates are to contact the Office of the President and Board of Trustees in support of current students; work with college administration in determining and committing to priorities that impact black students on campus; assist in the planning and evaluation of campus programs; if possible, attend advocacy events; and be articulate spokespersons on Knox College campus issues.


Alumni interested in participating in the BAN Student Advocacy program should send an e-mail to

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